The cumulative rainfall in the upper reaches of Zengwen Reservoir was 11.8 millimeters, the most in a single day in the past three and a half months.

(Photo by reporter Wu Junfeng)

[Reporter Wu Junfeng/Tainan Report] Affected by the eastward movement of the cloud and rain area in South China, the first day of the Ching Ming holiday even saw rainfall in Taiwan. Although it was still more in the north and less in the south, it finally brought some rain to the upper reaches of the largest Zengwen Reservoir in China. Moisture, as of 10 o'clock tonight, accumulated 11.8 millimeters, which is the most in a single day in the past three and a half months.

The Water Resources Bureau of the Southern District of the Water Resources Department cooperated with the weather conditions and released flames at Zengwen Reservoir and Jiaxian Weir at about 10:20 this morning to artificially increase rainfall.

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According to statistics, the 11.8 millimeters of rainfall in the upper reaches of the Zengwen Reservoir today is a double-digit accumulation in a single day after the 10.1 millimeters on January 2, which is the first time in nearly three months.

Although the 11.8 millimeters has limited benefit to the inflow, it is already the largest single-day rainfall in the upper reaches of Zengwen Reservoir since December 18 last year. It is obvious that the drought in Tainan has led to severe water conditions.

As for the Nanhua Reservoir, which supplies water for people's livelihood, the cumulative rainfall today is 6.3 millimeters. The South Water Bureau said that, like the Zengwen Reservoir, the benefit of the inflow is limited, and the upstream of Jiaxianyan has a rainfall of about 15.9 millimeters, and there is still no cross-border water diversion. We call on the public to save more water and maximize the benefits of precious water resources.

According to the observation data from the South Water Bureau, as of 10 o'clock tonight, the water level of Zengwen Reservoir is 196.06 meters high, and the water storage rate is 11.33%. Together with the Wushantou Reservoir, the total effective water storage capacity still exceeds 106 million cubic meters.

The water level of Nanhua Reservoir is 165.93 meters above sea level, with an effective water storage capacity of 31.02 million cubic meters and a water storage rate of 34.66%.