Tainan Mayor Huang Weizhe visited Sendai Arahama Elementary School today.

(Photo provided by Tainan City Government)

[Reporter Hong Ruiqin/Tainan Report] Tainan’s direct charter flight to Sendai made its maiden flight today (1). Mayor Huang Weizhe led a city government team to Sendai City Hall to pay a visit to Mayor Kazuko and visit Arahama Elementary School, one of the relics of the Great East Japan Earthquake. And the JR fruit farm that revitalized the local economy after the earthquake.

Huang Weizhe said that the main purpose of this trip is to deepen the friendship between the two cities, and to welcome good friends from Northeast Japan to visit Tainan.

The city government reported that during his visit, Huang Weizhe mentioned that he and the mayor of Junhezi had similar terms of office in Congress and both had rich media experience. He hoped that the two sides would have more exchanges in the future. Recommend to friends in Sendai to visit.

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When Huang Weizhe visited Arahama Elementary School, he said that both Tainan and Sendai experienced earthquakes, but the citizens of the two places were not knocked down, but showed resilience and stood up again. It can be said that they are cities of resilience; during the Great East Japan Earthquake, Tainan sent personnel to assist in disaster relief. In the Tainan earthquake in 2016, Sendai also provided immediate care. The friendship and bond between the two cities is believed to grow deeper and deeper.

When Huang Weizhe visited the Sendai JR Fruit Farm, which was established to revitalize the local economy, he was impressed by the Japanese side's soil quality improvement and tourism-oriented design. He hoped to learn from Sendai's experience and make Tainan's tourism agriculture more refined.

Huang Weizhe said that the National Games will be held in Tainan this year, and there will be major events such as "Tainan 400" and the Taiwan Lantern Festival next year. He invited the mayor of Junhezi and good friends from Sendai to Tainan to participate in the grand event.

Mayor Gunwako said in his speech that after the video conference last year, he was very happy to be able to communicate face to face. Although the epidemic has hindered urban exchanges, starting today, the two sides have direct flights and exchanges will be more frequent. I also thank Tainan and overseas for their support of East Japan. Support for major earthquakes.

Tainan Mayor Huang Weizhe visited JR Fruit Farm in Sendai, Japan today.

(Provided by Tainan City Government)