Chihkan Tower has a wonderful children's day performance of "Spring Outing to Historic Sites".

(Provided by Nanshi Tourism Bureau)

[Reporter Hong Ruiqin/Tainan Report] Today (1st) is the first day of the Ching Ming holiday. Although the weather in Tainan is slightly cloudy and rainy, according to the statistics of the Nanshi Tourism and Tourism Bureau, the number of tourists is not decreasing. Guohua Haian Hele Square, Xiaoximen, Nanfang At least 30,000 people visited the main streets and business districts such as Chihkan Tower and the Confucian Temple Historic Park. Xinhua, Anping and Yanyan Old Streets were also popular. Even holidays, there is an increase of about 40%, and the naughty world also has a growth of 10%.

The Tourism Bureau of Nanshi City stated that this year’s Ching Ming holiday lasted for 5 days, second only to the number of days of New Year’s holidays. Tainan has always been a popular choice for city tourism. In the three days to the 3rd, the peak booking rate exceeded 90%.

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The holiday coincides with Children's Day, and Tainan has a variety of holiday discounts for families to enjoy together, including Hutoupi Scenic Area, Naughty World, Nanshi Art Museum, Liuying Jianshanpi Resort, etc.; Chihkan Tower, Anping Castle , Yizai Jincheng, and Anping Tree House also have "Spring Tour Historic Sites", inviting street performers popular with children and adults to show their special skills; Xiaolong Cultural Park launched a nostalgic orange shop, and Hulupi Natural Park and Hele Square also held children's fun festivals.

The 4th Anping Yuguang Island Art Festival, which is currently underway, will be held until April 16, with cross-border activities such as "Yuguang Market" and "Grass, Forest and Flower Market".

The Bureau of Tourism and Tourism stated that after three years of hard work in Taiwan, the fight against the epidemic has been successful, and the domestic and foreign tourism markets have also recovered strongly from the impact of the epidemic. Tainan's high popularity and good reputation have also brought a lot of tourists.

Street performers perform in Anping Ancient Fort, attracting tourists to watch.

(Provided by Nanshi Tourism Bureau)

The weather in Tainan is slightly cloudy and rainy today, and tourists from Holland Village in Deyuanpi visit the park with umbrellas, and their interest remains undiminished.

(Provided by Tainan Tourism Bureau)