Since the beginning of 2023, the Russian occupiers have built new defense structures in Crimea. 

This is evidenced by satellite images published by the Schema and Krym.Realii projects.

The photos available to journalists were taken on March 10, 13, 14 and 16.

A double line of trenches runs immediately beyond the administrative border between the Kherson Region and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, near the Armeniansk checkpoint set up by the occupiers and in the area of ​​the Perekop Wall. 

An extensive system of fortifications appeared near the village of Turgeneve beyond Chongar on both sides of the E-105 highway and near Lake Sivash. 

Photo: Telegram / Schemes

New lines of defense are also being created behind the Perekop Isthmus.

In particular, a network of trenches was installed on both sides of the E-97 highway and near the village of Filativka.

Trenches also appeared on the site of the forest strip behind the village of Ishun near the road towards Vorontsivka.

Photo: Telegram / Schemes

The occupiers actually cut off the Kerch Peninsula from Crimea with defensive structures.

Near the E-97 road behind the village of Batalne, new trenches and caponires for equipment can be seen.

Photo: Telegram / Schemes

On the beaches near Yevpatoria, the length of the trenches is at least 7 kilometers.

Photo: Telegram / Schemes

According to journalists, the appearance of new fortifications may indicate that Russia has already started preparing for a possible offensive by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

We will remind you that in Yevpatoria, the Russian occupiers began to dig trenches along the entire coast.

Local residents complain that the approaching holiday season is being disrupted by the Russian military.

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