The brothers of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra pray for the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi, and the "curses" of the ex-deputy, Metropolitan of the UOC MP Pavlo return to himself.

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the vicar of the Lavra from the OCU Archimandrite Avraamiy stated in a video message on April 1.

The clergyman's address was published on the website of the OCU, where it is also indicated that 

Avraamii "denied the effectiveness of the "curses" of the former governor of the Lavra."

"I am deeply indignant at the statements and actions our former leader is making.

Does he not know that unjust curses fall on the head of the one who curses?

All the tears of the brothers he speaks of are his fault. And all the curses he sends and to the president, and to all those who disagree with him - they are actually returning to him, because according to the word of the Scriptures, they are gathering on his head like burning coals," said in a speech


governor of the Lavra.

Avraamiy also said on behalf of Lavra that he wanted to "testify before everyone that the curses of the former governor are groundless and unjust."

"I assure our president that the brothers of the Lavra pray and will continue to pray for the head of our state, as the Word of God commands us to do.

We bless you, Volodymyr Oleksandrovich, in your fight against the aggressor

, against the false "Russian peace" that brought our people war and death," said V.


governor of the Lavra.

He added that the brothers also pray for the family of the president and for all those who work together with the head of state for the victory of peace over the enemy.

Avraamiy also emphasized that the events around the Lavra are "not a confrontation between the state and religion, it is not a violation of freedom."

Instead, the cleric called it the liberation of the shrine from the influence of the hostile Russian state.

"For the sake of the shrines of the Lavra,

for the sake of praying near our Pechersk Fathers, we endured for a long time

. Because we did not see an alternative. But now the new canonical reality of the existence of the recognized Local Church and the decision of the Ukrainian state give us the opportunity to choose - and I made my choice," - assured V.


governor of the Lavra.

We will remind, on March 29, Metropolitan Pavlo addressed Zelenskyi with words of indignation over the eviction of the Lavra of the UOC MP.

The ex-deputy declared that "God will not forgive" this president and his family.

The Metropolitan of the UOC MP also addressed Zelensky that "our tears will not fall on the ground. They will all fall on your head!"

It should be noted that on April 1 Metropolitan Pavel was searched and charged with inciting religious enmity, justifying and denying Russia's armed aggression against Ukraine.

On the same day, the court placed the ex-deputy of the Lavra under house arrest for a period of 2 months. 

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