A TikTok blogger decided to try a life hack from the Internet in an effort to have freckles on her face, but something went wrong, and the girl became like the heroine of the movie "Shrek" Fiona.

The experimenter recorded the process of "reincarnation" on video and posted it on the Internet.

Many girls dream of freckles on the cheeks and nose, because it refreshes the image and makes the face look younger.

In addition, freckles can often be seen on the faces of bloggers and models.

We note that a life hack for obtaining freckles, which often have a fairly natural appearance, has been circulating on the Internet for a long time.

It is a reception with henna, with which you can apply spots on the face.

However, sometimes the consequences of such a trick can be unexpected.

This is what happened to this TikTok blogger.

She applied henna in many spots on her face and expected that after washing off, she would get cute and beautiful freckles.

Instead, the girl's face turned green, the dye got into her teeth and she looked like Fiona.

At the same time, the blogger began to persistently wash off the henna, which turned out to be not an easy task.

The girl laughed, and her husband was shocked by what he saw.   

Unsuccessful freckles were washed off.

And after that, the girl posted a video of the entire process on TikTok, which has already received more than one and a half million views.

Screenshot from the video

@takwalarsen I will never try this henna freckles again #hennafreckles #gonewrong #ohno #fyp ♬ Oh No - Kreepa

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