Another closed auction took place in the USA, where a first-generation iPhone

(model A1203) in its original packaging, which was not opened , was sold for $40,320,000


It was a rare copy with a unique sticker from Apple.   

This is reported by Neowin. 

The peculiarity of this lot is that on top of the packaging film in which the iPhone box is wrapped, a "Lucky You" sticker is attached.

And the sticker shows the Apple logo.

It is noted that the owner of the smartphone won it in one of the contests held by the company.

X-rays were provided to prove the authenticity of the contents of the box, which showed the presence of all accessories, including the smartphone, charger, wire, headphones, docking station, documentation and even a special cloth for the screen.

Photo: Neowin

Now you can buy a Tesla Model 3 for the same price. Until now, the most expensive iPhone of the first generation was registered at an auction for $63,000, which took place at the beginning of this year.

The first iPhone was released back in 2007.

The price of the smartphone at the start of sales started from $499 (~18,500 UAH) for the 4 GB model, the version with 8 GB of memory cost $599 (~22,000 UAH).   

It will be recalled that

Italy was the first in the world to ban artificial intelligence СhatGPT.

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