After the election of the ex-deputy of the Lavra, Metropolitan of the UOC MP Pavlo (Lebidyu) as a precautionary measure in the form of house arrest, the cleric stated that he cannot wear an electronic tracking bracelet due to health problems.

Pavel stated this in the courtroom.

The priest complained that the veins in his legs were "bursting."

He also claimed that in 2012 he was

poisoned with arsenic and mercury

and underwent an operation.

"The second operation was to remove the spleen at Shalimov's (Institute - ed.).

I have had 18 operations in total

. The third operation was in the 14th year, when

I was given a bacteriological weapon.

I took antibiotics for seven months and today it is very difficult for me without medical help ", the Metropolitan of the UOC MP told the court session, adding that

a cyst was discovered in his head today.

At the same time, his lawyer claimed that Lebyd does not refuse to comply with the court order.

The suspect's defense attorney offered to call the doctor so that he could determine that it was impossible to put the bracelet on the Metropolitan's leg.

The police agreed to receive a doctor's opinion in the form of a certificate. 

However, the lawyer stated that it was too late to summon the doctor to court.


Pavlo and the defender eventually agreed on the bracelet.

"They said - if I don't get a bracelet, they will put me in prison," complained the ex-deputy of the Lavra.

"We don't want the prosecution to have any leverage in order to worsen the situation of our client. That's why we made such a decision that our client will still wear this bracelet, even harming his health," the lawyer said.

Screenshot from the video

The moment of putting the bracelet on Lebed's leg was captured on video.

In the process, the metropolitan complains that he "may have convulsions."

"I blessed all the presidents for the elections, I prayed, and today I was honored with such a great honor. I am very, very grateful to everyone. I will not cry - I have already

cried everything.

But I pray that the Lord will give them wisdom," Pavlo said after putting on the bracelet.


We will remind you that on April 1, the court in Kyiv ordered a two-month house arrest for Metropolitan Pavlo on suspicion of inciting religious enmity, justifying and denying Russia's armed aggression against Ukraine   


Note that before this, the SBU posted on the Internet an audio recording of Lavra's ex-deputy, in which he welcomed the occupation of Kherson, and called the Russian invasion "a war between America and Russia to the last Ukrainian."

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