The disciplinary court sentenced Jiang Yuan to be demoted to one level and reclassified.

(Photo by reporter Wu Zhengfeng)

[Reporter Wu Zhengfeng/Taipei Report] A police station chief surnamed Jiang from Ren'ai Police Station in Nantou County (transferred after the incident) left his post several times in 2020 in order to take care of his critically ill mother and deal with her funeral. Falsely posting attendance records, pretending to be overtime and applying for rewards.

In the criminal part, Jiang Yuan was sentenced to 1 year and 8 months in prison with a 4-year probation for the crime of forging documents; in the administrative part, the disciplinary court judged that he committed the crime for the sake of his mother.

Jiang Yuan served as the director of the police station in February 2020. In May of the same year, his mother fell and broke a bone. In order to take care of his mother, he left the jurisdiction many times without reporting and returning to his residence when he was supposed to stay at the station.

His mother passed away unfortunately in July of the same year, and Jiang Yuan left his post again in order to deal with the funeral.

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Jiang Yuan was worried about being audited by the duty inspectorate and was found to be in violation of the audit duty. He repeatedly recorded in the column of "Total Overtime Hours" and "Choose a Date" in the "Nantou County Government Police Station Personal Overtime Duty Period and Hours Registration Form". "Compensatory leave" column falsely records the hours of overtime work and non-compensatory leave due to work, so as to apply for compensation.

The Ren'ai Branch noticed something different. After investigation, it was found that Jiang Yuan was involved in the crime of using a civil servant to publish false documents.

The Ministry of the Interior then referred the whole case to the disciplinary court for trial.

Jiang Yuan claimed that he was the only son in his family. At that time, he temporarily left his post and returned home because of the urgent need to take care of his critically ill mother and deal with the mother's funeral. In a dilemma, momentary carelessness, mistaken violation of the criminal code, and a lighter punishment.

The disciplinary court pointed out that Jiang Yuan, as the director of the police station, should strictly abide by the law and perform his duties in accordance with the law, but in order to evade the sub-bureau's inspection of duty violations, he posted false overtime hours, seriously damaging the image of the government agency, and it is necessary to punish him. He committed the crime in order to take care of his mother and deal with the death of his mother. Afterwards, he confessed that he had violated the crime, and his attitude was still good.