The Deputy Secretary General of the TAMISEMI President's Office in charge of education, Dr. Charles Msonde, has instructed primary school principals and education administrators to monitor teaching and learning in schools and ensure that first grade students have the ability to read, write and count.

He gave these instructions today April Mosi when he met with head teachers, education officers and leaders in charge of education in the Songwe Region to encourage the performance and implementation of the government's strategies to improve the provision of education in the country.

Dr. Msonde has instructed the principals to identify all students from the first grade to the fourth grade who are unable to read, write and count and to set a strategy to help them within a short time before they continue with other subjects.

"Let's make sure that all the first grade students know how to read, write and count, when they enter the second grade they are taught to increase their speed when reading and writing, but when they get to the third grade, we give them the foundation to learn various subjects and not anymore to read and write," said Dr. Msonde.

In addition, Dr. Msonde has called on head teachers and administrators at all levels to get rid of the habit of working and start differently in this year 2023 and ensure the impossible is possible.