Peach's Smile - Parent-child rap rhythm at Zhongli Art Museum.

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[Reporter Li Rongping/Taoyuan Report] The Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Taoyuan City Government will launch a series of traditional opera programs during the Qingming Festival and Children's Day, including the first show "Peach's Smile-Xiaosheng Xiaoxiao Theater" at the Zhongli Museum of Art this afternoon, 4 There will also be free participation activities such as "Let's Sing and Sing and Play Fun" from March 2 to 4, hoping to promote the concept of parent-child protection of cultural assets, and create a new base for community arts and culture, and drive the surrounding industrial economy!

For related event information, please visit the official website of the Cultural Affairs Bureau or the Facebook of the Taipei Performing Arts Troupe.

"Peach's Smile - Crosstalk Pingshu Small Theater" arranges rap experience courses to develop the performance potential of teenagers and children aged 7 to 15, uncover the triangular relationship between body, language, and rhythm, and perform funny crosstalk and allegro performances, so that parents and children can enjoy Feel the "Flow of Language"; the next event will be on July 1st, and registration is expected to open one month before.

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On April 2nd at the Nankan Children's Art Village in Luzhu District, and at the Micang Theater in Taoyuan District from April 3rd to 4th, "Fun with the Rap" will be staged respectively. In response to the architectural characteristics of the two places, the program design is also different. Children's Arts The village uses "Knock, knock, teacher opens the door" as the theme of the first half, combined with the characteristics of the outdoor field, the actors lead the parents and children to read various old houses and small stories in the park in the form of talking, learning and singing. His "Funny God Teammate" uses crosstalk, rap and storytelling as the main line, and staged mysterious stories that children love.

In the rice warehouse theater, "knock knock, rice warehouse opens the door" is used as the theme of the first half, and the historical background of the rice warehouse is brought out with comedy sketches. Shulaibao, cross talk and Beiqu's original music storytelling performances.

Watching the show is free, and number plates will be issued 30 minutes before the performance in the two places to enter the venue, until the seats are full.

Ye Yijun, head of the Taipei Rap Art Troupe and Taoyuan City's intangible cultural assets tracking artist, said that he hopes to trigger the love of rap art through immersive experience, add a traditional opera territory to Taoyuan culture, and cultivate a new generation of artistic and cultural population , It can also use the combination of intangible cultural assets and tangible cultural assets to show the vitality of traditional art and local historical buildings, make people feel more intimate with old houses and old souls, and arouse the awareness of caring for historical buildings.

Duan Yanxi (left) and Hong Ziyan (right) are the crosstalk figures.

(Provided by Taipei Music Troupe)

Lin Ming (left) and Qian Junxian (right) with double mouth skills.

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Double reed performance.

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Nankan Children's Art Village.

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Rice Barn Theater.

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