The orthodox Luermen Notre Dame Temple opened a "Saturday New Night Market" starting tonight, and there was a large crowd of people.

(Photo by reporter Wang Shuxiu)

[Reporter Wang Shuxiu/Tainan Report] Tainan people have a new night market!

The orthodox Luermen Notre Dame Temple "Thursday Night Market" will open a "Saturday New Night Market" from tonight, so that everyone can enjoy shopping.

According to the temple officials, the new night market will start its trial operation tonight, and it has launched a "rent-free" discount for the first three months of the trial period, attracting more than 90 vendors to sign up. Offering sacrifices to the five internal organs temple.

The Miaocheng Square of the orthodox Luermen Notre Dame Temple has a 120-stall night market every Thursday. The business model is "local cuisine". It has a history of 30 years and attracts Annan, Qigu, and Jiali who like to go to the night market. Business is good.

In response to the crowds of tourists and worshipers during holidays, and the pilgrim building is full every weekend, nearly a thousand pilgrims have almost nowhere to go in Tucheng after nightfall. The temple decided to open a "Saturday New Night Market" and recruit new stalls. Many cultural and creative food stalls have also been added.

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Wang Zengrong, the chairman of Notre Dame Temple, said that the Notre Dame Temple is crowded on weekends. Tourists have reported that they hope to have a market where they can go shopping and taste local delicacies when they visit the temple on holidays. The temple decided to try out the "Saturday New Night Market". One day, the weather was cool and there was no rain. It was very suitable for visiting the night market. Street performers were specially arranged to perform on the spot. The crowd exceeded expectations. The newly added performances also aroused many responses from the public; follow-up to evaluate whether to continue to attract investment based on the situation. Up to 140 stalls can be placed in front of the booth.