Ukrainian singer 


went on a charity tour of Europe in the company of Honored Artist

Andrii Zaliska


The performers gave several concerts in European cities in order to raise funds for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 

During the performances, the musicians managed to collect a staggering amount - more than 845 thousand hryvnias.

Thanks to the collected sum, Julik and Zalisco participated in the purchase of two ambulances, two cars, a drone and more than 1,500 first-aid kits for our defenders.


"More than a month, overnight stays in airports, overnight stays in a student college in Rome, and all this with one backpack on my shoulders. In the backpack I put a concert outfit, underwear and several T-shirts. But all this is nothing, compared to how our boys fight for our independence and victory! We are glad that we managed to raise a good amount of money for the tour," Julik said on Facebook. 


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