Sebastian Pinera.

Photo: Prena Latina.

The High Complexity Central North prosecutor, Ximena Chong, has summoned former Chilean president Sebastián Piñera to testify as a

defendant in the investigation of human rights violations

during the social outbreak of 2019, reports La Tercera.

Along with the former Ministers of the Interior, Andrés 


 and Gonzalo 


, and the former Undersecretaries of the Interior, Rodrigo 


 and Juan Francisco 


, Piñera was sued in November 2019 by then Senator Alejandro Navarro for 

crimes against humanity


Piñera's appearance is set for the next few days.

"We are calm and convinced that in the actions of the former president 

he always sought to reconcile the protection of public order and citizen security

 with respect for the human rights of all. Consequently, no crime is configured," his lawyer Samuel Donoso told The Third PM. 1960w, " media="(-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2) and (min-resolution: 120dpi)" sizes="280px" data-srcset=" 850w, /63174241e9ff7102097d182d.jpg 1960w, " /> 980w, " sizes="280px" data-srcset=" https://mf.b37mrtl " />

Donoso insisted that, "on the contrary, the facts show that his actions were due to the correct 

fulfillment of his public functions

, seeking at all times the protection of human rights."

In addition, Piñera "has permanently collaborated with the investigation" and "has already given a statement in this case," while he is open to "continue collaborating in whatever is required," he added.

In his statement of July 19, 2021, Piñera assured that his government's priority was always to safeguard public order "as soon as possible to restore constitutional normality with full respect for the rule of law and human rights."

(Taken from RT)