On the evening of Saturday, April 1, from different areas of the Russian city of Rostov-on-Don and even nearby Novocherkassk, reports came from people who were frightened by a sound similar to a powerful explosion in the sky.

Residents of some buildings felt the shock wave, alarms went off in parked cars.

This is reported by local Telegram channels.

Judging by the recordings from several surveillance cameras, the explosion occurred at 9:18 p.m.

The explosion was heard by residents of the northern part of the regional center of Russia, as well as in such settlements as Shakhty, Chaltyri, Novoshakhtynsk and Novocherkassk.

On March 29, the local governor, Vasyl Golubev, explained a similar situation by the flight of a plane over Rostov in supersonic mode.

So far, no official comments on the incident have been made public.

We will remind you that last Saturday, March 25, residents of the Rostov region of Russia were frightened twice in a day by sounds similar to explosions.

In particular, eyewitnesses in Azov, Chaltyra, part of Rostov and several other settlements wrote about "cotton" in social networks.

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