The American state of Arkansas was covered by a powerful 


as a result of which at least 600 people were injured.

 This was reported by the Express publication.

Local media representatives called the event "catastrophic" and said there was a shortage of ambulances.

It is also reported that in the settlement of Little Rock, Arkansas, more than 70 thousand people were left without electricity.

Photo: Associated Press

More than 15 million citizens living between southern Arkansas and northern Iowa are at risk.

Photo: Associated Press

Earlier it was reported that two American states - Texas and Louisiana - covered



Hundreds of thousands of people were left without electricity, more than 400 flights were canceled.


at the end of December 2022, a severe snowstorm occurred in the USA.

 More than 60 people died as a result of the blizzard.

On December 25, Americans experienced the coldest Christmas day on record.

The air temperature in some places reached minus 45 degrees Celsius.

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