Lin Jiaying, the regular trainer of the Three Gorges Police Station in New Taipei City, the "Gold Medal Policewoman", went to the campus of Taipei University to teach students "simple self-defense". Due to the overwhelming response, the teachers and students asked for additional sessions.

(Photographed by reporter Wu Renjie)

[Reporter Wu Renjie/New Taipei Report] To promote the personal safety of women and children, the Three Gorges Police Station entered the campus. Lin Jiaying, the "gold medal policewoman" who is often trained as an assistant in the Three Gorges Police Station in New Taipei City, was the first female member of the Perak Special Service in New Taipei City. She is good at judo and taekwondo. , During the Qingming holiday, she was invited to Taipei University to explain "simple self-defense techniques" to students and faculty members. She taught simple and easy-to-learn self-defense techniques with simple and easy-to-understand concepts, emphasizing that you should be yourself at the golden moment, and learned a valuable lesson. The response was overwhelming, and the teachers and students also asked for additional sessions.

Xu Chengming, director of the Three Gorges Police Sub-bureau, was concerned about campus safety. He led the officers of the sub-bureau to call on Hu Yizhong, Dean of Academic Affairs, and Lin Yuteng, Vice Chairman of National Taipei University. They discussed the safety issues of students on campus and off-campus. The legal concept of flirting law has contributed to this promotional activity of "simple self-defense" and a brief discussion on "following the law".

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In Lin Jiaying's class, she not only demonstrates simple self-defense techniques, but also tells students that they must have "enemy awareness" in life, be vigilant at all times, and only use self-defense techniques when encountering danger. Before learning self-defense techniques, It is also necessary to understand the vulnerable parts of the human body, such as the eyes, nose bridge, throat, crotch, etc., and give a "fatal blow" to the victim of the violation to strive for a chance to escape.

She also explained how to decipher the moves, such as bear hugging, holding hands, and strangling the neck, which are easy to encounter. The male and female students not only listened, but also practiced them. When there was something unclear, Lin Jiaying and other participants The instructor's cordial guidance left a deep impression on every student.

Li Lifang, head of the Residential Assistant Team of Taipei University, said that the notice of this event was posted and immediately received a very enthusiastic response from the students, and the number of places was instantly killed. She also hoped that the Three Gorges Police Station can add more sessions so that more students can learn practical self-defense skills, not only Protect yourself and protect others.

Awarded to the 29-year-old female police officer Lin Jiaying, who graduated from the 31st term of the Police College. She is the first female police officer of the New Taipei City Police Department. She used to serve in the Perak Team of the Security Police Brigade. She wore a black outfit and was involved in all kinds of crime scenes. , arresting important criminals, and performing road inspections, she is always present. Although she is thin, she once faced a strong and powerful criminal who was suspected of provocation, and she was suppressed on the spot by judo. In recent years, she has been transferred to the Three Gorges police The sub-bureau often trains teaching assistants and imparts practical police skills to front-line colleagues on duty at the grassroots level.

Lin Jiaying represented the Police Department in the World Police and Fire Games in 2019, and won the gold medal in the Taekwondo Women's Open Group sparring under 49 kg, the silver medal in the Karate Women's Open Group, and the individual poomsae with a black belt in the Taekwondo Women's Open Group Bronze medal, won three gold, silver and bronze awards for the first time in the competition. In 2022, he will move to the World Police and Fire Games in the Netherlands. In more than 70 participating countries and nearly 30 competitions, he won one gold, one silver and four bronzes in taekwondo events In terms of grades, she has been practicing martial arts since kindergarten, and she is currently a fifth-degree black belt, a veritable gold medal instructor.