Lin Zhongming continued to support the transportation work at the MRT R17 World Games Station tonight. He did not forget to continue singing to the passengers on the platform, this time replacing it with Zhang Huimei's signature song "Listen to the Sea".

(Photo by reporter Ge Youhao)

[Reporter Ge Youhao/Kaohsiung Report] Lin Zhongming, station manager of Gaojie Qiaotou Station, is known as "the singer who was delayed by the MRT". Tonight (1st) Mayday Kaohsiung's third concert, he will continue to support the MRT R17 Shiyun Station. Luckily for work, I will not forget to continue singing "Encore" on the platform for passengers, this time it will be Chang Huimei's signature song "Listen to the Sea"!

After the recent concerts of Korean group BLACKPINK and Mayday, Lin Zhongming, the head of Gaojie Qiaotou, sang on the platform in order to relieve the boredom of the fans waiting for the train.

After these few performances, Lin Zhongming successively sang Andy Lau's "Lone Star Tears", Jacky Cheung's "Blue Rain", and the old song "The Moon Represents My Heart", etc., which became an instant hit.

When the second Mayday concert ended on March 31, he sang more and more enjoyable. In addition to "Blue Rain", he also sang Jacky Cheung's "Heart Like a Knife" and Wan Fang's "New Love" and other classic songs. The mayor of Kaohsiung, Chen Qimai, also cheered for him face to face, and said that he would help him hold a concert.

Through media reports, many "five fans" know that there is this MRT station master who loves to sing. After the third Mayday concert ended on April 1, Lin Zhongming continued to sing on the platform of R17 World Games Station. The most famous song is "Listen to the Sea" by the queen Zhang Huimei. Not only does it have a nice voice, but it also has a strong treble. It also shakes hands while singing.

Lin Zhongming said that because he couldn’t hear Amei’s song that was sung at the Kaohsiung Arena on Mayday at the World Games main venue, he would help Zhang Huimei sing “Listen to the Sea”; as for some fans asking him to sing BLACKPINK’s song, he laughed. Said, this year is already 50 years old, and I can't sing BLACKPINK's songs.

Lin Zhongming has served in Gaojie Company for 15 years, worked as a train driver for 4 years, and as a station attendant for 11 years. His famous song is "Blue Rain" by Jacky Cheung. The main reason why he chose this song to sing at the station is the lyrics "Boundless... …, take the earliest train”, he hopes that passengers can take the earliest train and return home safely as soon as possible.