Performance = Confidence

The performance of the "FIFA Day" warm-up of the Thai national team.

and the U23 War Elephants team on Arabian soil.

have both similarities

and difference


The elder football team of the foreigner coach, Thai heart "Mano Polking", the form of play catches the eye of the referee.  

But the result that came out was losing both matches in both Syria 1-3 and the UAE locals 0-2 

As for the younger team with "Coach Har" Issara Sritaro, the real Made in Thailand coach 

Create excellent results than expected ... in the Doha Cup battle 

Even before traveling

a horse out of sight

that no one expected 

Plus, there's another defiance.

Will he be able to fight other nations or not?  

But where can I get this Junior Chang Suek team?

return to gather strength to fight

Impressive in all 3 shots 

With a 2-2 draw with Saudi Arabia, they beat hosts Qatar 1-0. 

before coming to a close loss to Kuwait 0-1  

Admirably finished at “4th place” on the list. 

Wrong with the ASEAN opponent like Vietnam, which has a famous coach like Philip Trussier as the commander. 

The results are extremely disappointing.

Unbelievably got the plum ranking out of 10 nations.

even though before

Nguyen footballers during the Park Hang Seo era have always made their name in Asia from this generation of young Turks. 

I have to applaud the skill of coach Issara Sritaro. 

who proved themselves with empirical works

Let the Thai football fans see that 

new thai coach

with a pro license guaranteed like him

It's not normal either!! 

From the beginning, many people did not believe the drug.

That the person has the ability enough

in taking the reins of the young elephants war be successful in the future 

which I myself am one of them

to be honest that I don't have much faith in "Coach Ha"

And used to write to introduce "Big Yim" Yuttana Yimkarun, director of the U23 national team. 

that if you want to be successful

Change the coach ASAP! 

But what I look

It turned out to be wrong.   

Because Coach Issara Sritaro set his sights on working hard 

until being able to pull out the performance of this war elephant warlord 

came out amazing

as we have seen

become the "new hope" of the Thai national team in the future

to make history to win tickets to the Olympics and World Cup finals 

come true

without fantasizing again  

for the next tournament

of the Thai national team, a small set 

Is hunting for gold medals at the 2023 SEA Games in Cambodia in the middle of this year.  

followed by qualifying for the U23 Asian Championship (AFC U23 ASIAN CUP QUALIFIERS) at the end of August 

and Asian Games football

during October

The ultimate goal is the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, France. 

which from the work in the Doha Cup


Makes the "adrenaline" of both me and all Thai football fans across the country 

Start pouring out hope (again) 

because the person is the coach who controls the team..that's it 

Create "Confidence"

By himself!!!  

- Be Bangpakong -