Dagang sang "Xiaogang Festival" and the stage fans were overjoyed.

(Photo by reporter Huang Xulei)

[Reporter Huang Xulei/Kaohsiung Report] The Dagang Concert was held on the first day of the consecutive holidays at Pier-2, attracting nearly 20,000 people including Kaohsiung City Councilor Zheng Mengyu. There were crowds of people on the high-speed rail and the light rail, and the city government estimated that Amei and Mayday would be on the same day The concert attracted nearly 80,000 fans, and today alone, more than 100,000 people came to Kaohsiung to enjoy the music feast.

The "Orange Sea" appeared in the area around the Dagang Bridge in the Pier-2 Art Zone in the afternoon. Fans of singing in Dagang put on "Life, MEGA" orange bath towels and poured into Xiaogang Festival, Daxiong Maru, Kamo Mai and other singing areas to sing. DJs sang Chen Sheng's "Summer" and other songs in rhythm, and some people took off their shirts and jumped into the crowd to play body waves.

According to the organizer of Dagang Opening Concert, nearly 60 groups of singers and orchestras took the stage on the first day of the music festival, attracting more than 20,000 fans. Random ft. Ke Youlun, Cai Qiufeng ft. Shao Dalun and other cross-border combinations.

There were crowds at Gaojie Yancheng, Arena, and Pier-2 Dayi light rail stations. Fans went to the "extended show" booth in the station to redeem a 50 yuan coupon.

At about 4:00 p.m., the rain continued for about half an hour in the area of ​​the Dagang Bridge. Fans covered the orange bath towels to cover the rain, and lined up to enter Kamo Mai and other venues with enthusiasm. The two put on orange bath towels and said to our reporter, "I'm really happy."

☆Drinking too much alcohol is harmful to health, and drinking and driving is prohibited☆

Kaohsiung City Councilor Zheng Mengyi went to Pier Erhai to sing.

(Photo by reporter Huang Xulei)

Fans play body waves.

(Photo by reporter Huang Xulei)