Milley, chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, bluntly stated that it is unlikely that the Ukrainian army will expel all Russian troops within this year.


[Compile Sun Yuqing/Comprehensive Report] In an interview published on March 31 on the military news website "Defense One", Mark Milley, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, once again claimed that the Ukrainian army wanted to expel All invading Russian troops are unlikely, but he did not deny that the Russian army has been defeated in strategy, tactics and action.

Milley pointed out that Russia had already lost strategically and operationally, and now it is also losing tactically, but given that hundreds of thousands of Russian troops are still in the Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine, it is unlikely that the Ukrainian army will defeat the Russian army within this year. Deportation of all, "This is a major military task, a very, very difficult military task."

Milley also said in November last year that the chances of the Ukrainian army regaining Crimea and driving out all the Russian troops in the "short term" were not high, but at the time it was considered to be a disguised pressure on Ukrainian President Zelensky and Russia negotiates territorial cessions.

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Asked whether the U.S. was planning to assist Ukraine with the Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS), Milley said current policy does not intend to do so, but he could not say for certain that it would not in the future.

However, Milley said frankly that from a military point of view, the US ATACMS inventory is relatively small, and we must first ensure that we have sufficient quantities, and the effectiveness of ATACMS is somewhat "overstate" by the outside world, and there are other systems with the same range. , such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Milley also mentioned that the Ukrainian conflict has highlighted the "extremely fast consumption of traditional weapons" during wartime. "If war breaks out on the Korean Peninsula, or if a war breaks out between the United States, Russia, and the United States and China, the rate of weapon consumption will break the chart." Therefore, The U.S. military is assessing the types and quantities of weapons it needs for potential future conflicts, and it may take years for the U.S. defense industry to restock inventories and ramp up production.

A former senior U.S. diplomat who was in charge of Russia-Ukraine issues said that the reason for the Biden administration’s reluctance to provide ATACMS is that it is afraid of escalating conflicts. At the same time, the United States also stated that "Crimea is Ukrainian territory", and this constitutes a "legitimate (strike) target for Ukraine.