The Mayday concert was held at the main venue of the World Games, and the MRT R17 World Games Station was crowded with people.

(Photo by reporter Li Huizhou)

[Reporter Ge Youhao/Kaohsiung Report] Kaohsiung MRT "Super Saturday" debuted today. With the Ching Ming holiday, three concerts, and the Smart City Exhibition will be held at the same time. Kaohsiung MRT's traffic volume is expected to challenge this year's new high.

Today (1st) is the first day of the Qingming holiday. Mayday will be held at the main venue of the World Games, Zhang Huimei will be singing at the Kaohsiung Arena, and Dagang will be singing at Pier-2 and Haiyin. The total number of tickets sold is as high as 75,000, plus The Kaohsiung Exhibition Center's smart city exhibition, the Facebook community "Kaohsiung Good Day" expects that today's high MRT traffic is expected to challenge this year's record.

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The highest single-day traffic volume of the Kaohsiung MRT this year was 246,726 passengers on January 24 (the third day of junior high school), and the Kaohsiung Light Rail also recorded 61,000 passenger trips on January 24 (the third day of junior high school).

Today, Gaojie’s red-orange line scheduled departure number will be increased to 655, and through the red line R3-R19, orange line O1-O5 section trains, the minimum shift distance will be reduced to 2 minutes when the show is over, and I hope it will be cleared quickly transport crowds.

The Kaohsiung MRT also uses the operating mode of the shuttle bus to speed up the transportation of fans. At R19 Nanzi Processing District Station and O5 Formosa Boulevard Station, there are bag-shaped rails that can store cars. Trains can make U-turns here, increasing the distance between trains .

As for the opening of Dagang, although the venue is near the C11 and C12 light rail stations, the densest light rail trains can only be maintained every 8 minutes. The MRT company also recommends that you can take the light rail to the venue, but when you leave the venue, it is recommended to walk to Orange Line Xiziwan or Yanchengpu Station to avoid crowds.

Gao City Hall also set up a contingency center at MRT R17 World Games Station to deal with unexpected traffic situations at any time.