The mandarin stationmaster appeared on the "Mima Link" light rail painted train.

(Photo by reporter Ge Youhao)

[Reporter Ge Youhao/Kaohsiung Report] Gaojie celebrates the 15th anniversary of its opening to traffic. The "Mima Link" light rail painted train sailed for the first time today, attracting many fans to follow the stars. Two popular cat dolls, the station master and Huang Ama, also appeared with fans Fun together, the limited period of boarding is until June 4th.

Celebrating the 15th anniversary of Gaojie’s opening to traffic this year, taking advantage of the Children’s Day holiday, today (April 1) the “Mima Connection Happy and Cute Theme Painted Train’s First Flight and Theme Station Activities” will be held at Formosa Station. The "Mandarin Station Master" showed love and donated part of the surplus of mandarin series products to Kaohsiung City Feiyang Welfare Service Association, and invited 30 children from the association to have fun.

The "Mima Connection" painted train officially set sail today, attracting many fans to follow the stars on the spot. Two popular cat dolls also appeared to have fun with the fans.

Gaojie Company pointed out that the Mima MRT painted train for this limited period (April 1st to June 4th) has three carriages, which are Qiaotou Sugar Factory Chapter, Fun Tour Kaohsiung Chapter, and Cosmic Floating Chapter. Go to Satsuma Station Master and good friends to enjoy sugar factory popsicles, take a five-cent car, eat cat-shaped buns, admire the dome of light at Formosa Station, float in the Milky Way together, and take a spaceship to travel through outer space and other interesting scenes.

From now until June 4th, during the event period, Gaojie Formosa Station will be transformed into a super eye-catching themed station, and the public is welcome to take pictures and check in. This time, the joint peripheral products of "Mikan Station Master x Huang Ama's Harem Life" are also launched, including a card , storage bags and personalized stamps that have been launched one after another.

The event continued to be lively this afternoon. IG's popular mandarin stationmaster with 53,000 fans will make his debut in the "Warm Shou Birthday Celebration Meeting". Many fans nicknamed "Manzami" will be pouring into the scene to celebrate the mandarin's birthday together.

Two popular cat dolls, Mikan Stationmaster and Huang Ama, appeared to have fun with fans.

(Photo by reporter Ge Youhao)