The rain did not dampen the enthusiasm of the fans.

(Photo by reporter Huang Xulei)

[Reporter Huang Xulei/Kaohsiung Report] For the first time in more than 200 days, it rained at 4:00 p.m. in downtown Kaohsiung, and it was rare to see an umbrella on the street. Because Dagang was singing, Mayday and Zhang Huimei were in the Pier-2 Art Zone today (1st) , the National Stadium and the Kaohsiung Arena, the fans held umbrellas and remained enthusiastic.

The Central Meteorological Bureau stated that due to the eastward movement of the cloud and rain area in South China, Kaohsiung has continued to rain in some mountainous areas since the morning. As for flats and hills, the probability of rainfall is 20%. However, the daily cumulative rainfall in mountainous areas including Taoyuan and Namasia is less than 25 mm. The rainfall in Tai'an, Miaoli County in the central region is more than 64 mm.

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The "Orange Sea" appeared in the area around the Dagang Bridge in the Pier-2 Art Zone in the afternoon. Fans of Dagang opened the "Life, MEGA" orange bath towels on their shoulders and poured into Xiaogang Festival, Daxiong Maru, Kamo Mai and other singing areas to sing. They sang songs such as Chen Sheng's "Summer" to the rhythm of the DJ, and some people took off their shirts and jumped into the crowd to play body waves.

The organizer of Dagang Opening Concert said that the music festival is expected to attract more than 20,000 fans on the first day, including Golden Horse actress Li Xinjie and Meixiu Group singing the divine song "Freedom", as well as casual groups such as Random ft. Ke Youlun, Cai Qiufeng ft. Shao Dalun and other cross-border groups .

Fans of singing in Dagang covered bath towels to keep out the rain.

(Photo by reporter Huang Xulei)