It is illegal to serve a summons outside of your place of registration due to being on military registration.

Lawyer Artem Podoroga told about this in an interview with TSN.

He notes that if they want to serve you a summons during your trip to another area or another region, you must provide documents to confirm where you are registered and in which TCC you are registered.

"Remember, you can receive a summons only at the TCC in which you are registered at the place of your registration or stay as an IDP (internally displaced person)," Podoroga emphasized.

At the same time, according to the lawyer, service of the summons can be refused under the following conditions:

  • violation of the procedure for serving summonses;

  • the document is handed over by unidentified or unauthorized persons;

  • the summons is issued to another person.

"If a person refuses to receive a summons, employees of the Military Commissariat draw up an act of refusal with the participation of two witnesses and transfer this information to the TCC. And then such a person may be charged with administrative responsibility," the lawyer summarizes.

In addition,

the territorial recruitment

and social support centers (military commissariats) continue their work on mobilization to equip military units and form a military reserve.

Fedir Venislavskyi,

the President's representative in the Council

, said a few days ago that a list of "evaders" may appear in our country.

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