Photo: Oscar Alfonso/ Escambray.

The innovators of the Cuban capital

promoted almost 800 initiatives with an economic impact of more than 181.3 million pesos

(about 7.5 million dollars) during 2022, it was learned today at a meeting of the sector.

At the meeting to analyze the results of the National Association of Innovators and Rationalizers (ANIR) in Havana last year, the commitment to

promote science and technology development to increase productivity, efficiency and effectiveness

was also reaffirmed. .

According to the report presented for the discussion of the participants in the meeting, it is important to continue consolidating the role of universities and strengthen their relations with labor entities.

Likewise, the text recognized the need to

develop the productive chain in the strategic sectors and activities, promote the saving of resources as the safest source of income, and encourage the production and recovery of spare parts and tools


Several interventions by the participants and authorities, including the president of ANIR at the national level, Lidier Águila, highlighted the role of the association in continuing to multiply solutions that contribute to substituting imports


creating new exportable funds.

Other issues addressed were the management cadre policy, the strengthening of work systems and the training of grassroots authorities and specialists, who, they stressed, must be increasingly better prepared to carry out their work.

The head of the ANIR in this capital, Katia Arencibia, highlighted the valuable contributions of the members of the organization during the past year and assured that in 2023 they

have the challenge of continuing to contribute what Cuba needs to support the economy


As an expression of the working class, we will demonstrate once again that our country and its revolutionary process can continue to count on us for whatever is necessary, he assured.

Data released by the organization indicate that at the end of 2022, ANIR in Havana has 20,618 associates and 651 Innovators Committees, with representation from all the unions, although the ones with the greatest potential are those of Industry, Food, Fisheries, Education, Science and Sports, Health, and Civil Defense Workers.

(With information from Prensa Latina)