Economic crisis deepens in Pakistan

New Delhi:

Inflation in Pakistan has made life difficult for common people.

The situation is such that inflation here has broken the record of the last 50 years.

A crowd of people is seen everywhere to loot food or food items.

According to statistics, in the last ten days, 20 people have lost their lives in the incidents of stampede due to looting of food.

The inflation rate in Pakistan has been recorded at 35.37 percent in March.

It is being said that there is such a situation because the Government of Pakistan has failed to get the bailout package from the IMF. 

According to the government data released on Saturday, the month-on-month inflation rate was 3.72 percent, while last year's average inflation rate was 27.26 percent.

The people of Pakistan are facing the brunt of the economic upheaval in Pakistan.

So far, at least 20 people have died in mobs at food distribution centers since the beginning of the month of Ramadan.

"The way inflation is rising, I believe a famine-like situation is brewing," said Shahida Wizarat, an analyst in Karachi. Crowds at a factory distributing food during Ramadan in Pakistan's southern city of Karachi on Friday At least 12 people died due to being crushed.

Significantly, a few days ago news came that Pakistan is facing a huge economic crisis.

Due to this economic crisis, the people of Pakistan are facing the brunt of inflation.

Due to this economic crisis in Pakistan, the general public has become dependent on every grain.

Pakistan is facing mounting economic challenges with high inflation, dwindling foreign exchange reserves and a widening current account deficit.

At the same time, they are becoming so poor that the problems of Pakistan are not taking the name of reducing.

Unemployment crisis is increasing rapidly in Pakistan due to efforts to reduce trade deficit by banning imports.

This information has come out in a report.

According to the report of the news paper Dawn, "A large number of companies are reducing production or shutting down operations due to shortage of raw materials."

In recent months, dozens of companies have issued notices to stop production.

It was said in the report that curbing the import of raw materials to improve the trade balance is giving rise to a major crisis.

All the production units of Dowlance, a private company, are closed since the beginning of 2023.

The company faced import-related problems in May 2022.