On Saturday, April 1, something similar to a quadcopter scared the residents of Yefremov, Tula region of the Russian Federation.

This is reported by Telegram channels. 

A small drone caught on the branches of a tree near a residential building.

An unknown flying object caused a real commotion.

Rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and security forces were called to the place where the drone fell.

When it was carefully removed, it turned out to be a children's model aircraft that was not equipped with cameras and did not contain any ammunition.

Such a plastic copter costs about one and a half thousand Russian rubles (450 hryvnias).

The owner of the child's toy is now wanted by the police, probably not only to return it, but also to prosecute for such an April Fool's joke.

We will remind, earlier Moscow was "attacked" by a blue and yellow drone with the inscription "Glory to Ukraine".

It allegedly fell on the territory of the so-called New Moscow near the railway tracks. 

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