In the city of Yasnoy, Orenburg region of the Russian Federation, they solemnly said goodbye to Volodymyr Shestakov, convicted of murdering a child, who became a mercenary of the "Wagner" PMC and was liquidated during the war in Ukraine. 

Astra Telegram channel reports this.

In the obituary on behalf of the city administration, it was written about him that his "courage and bravery" will forever be remembered.

The fact that in 2018 he received 18 years for the murder of his girlfriend's five-year-old son is not mentioned.

During the investigation, Shestakov told in detail how he drunkenly beat the boy for jumping on the couch.

The boy's mother tried to protect him, but the roommate hit her as well. 

An ambulance was called for the child only in the morning, when the baby started wheezing.

Doctors could not save him.

At the appeal, the killer was defended by witnesses who said that the defendant "could hit the child on the buttocks only for educational purposes."

It's just that he didn't count on his strength that day, they say.

It will be recalled that Serhii Molodtsov, a mercenary of the "Wagner" PMC, who beat his own mother to death, was buried with honors in the Russian Urals.

He went to prison for murder.

Already in the colony, he signed a contract and went to fight in the war in Ukraine in the ranks of the Wagnerites.

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