Taipei Mayor Jiang Wan'an (middle) rarely speaks harshly to officials, demanding that the central government's subsidy plan should be immediately grasped and applied for.

(Provided by Taipei City Government)

[Reporter Cai Yahua/Taipei Report] The central government has recently introduced new traffic regulations and subsidy plans to improve the pedestrian traffic environment. Among them, the "Prospective Road Quality Improvement Plan" subsidizes as much as 9.8 billion yuan to local governments, but Taipei City Vice Mayor Li Sichuan It was found in the traffic report that the subsidy for the project would expire on April 7, but the Municipal Public Works Bureau had not proposed it for a long time, and couldn’t help but ask, “Why don’t you apply if you have the money?” It should be mentioned", and all bureaus and departments are repeatedly asked to pay attention.

The Taipei City Government recently held a traffic meeting report. During the meeting, the Transportation Bureau reported that the central government has launched a number of subsidy programs to improve the pedestrian environment, including a subsidy of 5 billion yuan for the "Campus Surrounding Roads and National Intersection Safety Improvement Program" by the Construction Administration of the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Communications. , "Forward-looking Construction Improvement Road Quality Plan" subsidizes 9.8 billion yuan; the Construction Administration, the Highway Administration of the Ministry of Communications, and the Road Safety Committee allow local governments to apply for subsidies for the "Pedestrian and Elderly Friendly Demonstration Zone" subsidy.

Li Sichuan asked, with so much money for the road improvement plan around the campus and the forward-looking road quality improvement plan, is there a time limit for application, and has an application been submitted?

An official from the Transportation Bureau said that more than 50 million yuan was applied for the road improvement plan around the campus, but the Public Works Bureau has not yet proposed it, and the forward-looking road quality improvement plan is due on April 7.

Li Sichuan was dissatisfied and said that Luping's budget in Beishi is only 2 billion yuan. Now that there is an opportunity, why don't you apply for it if you have the money?

Every congressman told him that the road survey and improvement will be scheduled until next year. He asked the Public Works Bureau to propose a road quality improvement plan and apply to the central government. After the holiday on April 5, the application will be made on the 6th. "None of you told me," complained field officials.

The New Works Office said that the road sections to be submitted for subsidy this year have been discussed and will be consolidated and put forward within the time limit. The forward-looking plan has subsidy from the Construction and Construction Department every year, and the North City Government also has applications. Recently, this The wave, including sidewalks and roads, has been coordinated, and the application will be submitted to the Construction and Construction Department for review.

Jiang Wan'an also said in a serious tone after listening that the central government will have many related subsidy plans, such as last month's Ministry of Economic Affairs' plan to boost the business district. He has asked the Industrial Development Bureau to propose a plan, so all bureaus must understand the central plan. To draw and grasp immediately, Beishi has to apply for subsidies, "I don't care about past practices, at least we must propose", actively apply for relevant funds, and repeatedly ask all bureaus and divisions to pay attention.