Such fish is prepared quickly and easily, it turns out to be extremely tasty, suitable for both everyday and festive table.

Ingredients needed to make one medium sized herring

  • hot mustard - 1 tsp,

  • sugar - 1 tsp,

  • oil - 3 tbsp.


  • apple/white wine vinegar 6 - 1 tbsp.


  • strong black tea - 2 tbsp.


  • onion

Cooking herring

  • Grind mustard with sugar.

  • Add oil, pour vinegar.

    Mix everything.

  • Pour cold strong tea into the sauce.

  • Clean the herring, cut into small pieces.

  • Add onion cut into half rings.

  • Pour the prepared sauce over the herring and put it to marinate in the refrigerator for two hours. 

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