The father of one detained 15-year-old youth in Plovdiv did not suspect the false bomb alerts that his son sent to various institutions and schools in the city.

"The police came, checked his laptop and detained him for 24 hours.

I will not scold him because he is still a child.

I will talk to him that this is not right", said the father Hamid Shihab.

The family lives meters from 6 RU in Plovdiv.

The parent was waiting for information outside the district office building with the family's lawyer.

A total of three youths were detained in Plovdiv for making false bomb threats.

They sent numerous e-mails to various institutions and educational institutions, Nova TV reported. 

One is an adult and has a criminal record, and the other two are 15-year-old minors.

The home of one was thoroughly searched and evidence was seized which incriminated him as the author of the signals.

Eight people have been detained for the bomb threats against schools

Explosive device threats are sent by an app.

The youth is one of the suspects who used it.

He and his accomplices can receive up to 5 years in prison and a fine of up to BGN 15,000.

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