Announcing all Liverpool player scores with full analysis after losing to Manchester City overwhelmingly

(Score by The Independent

British media)

Alisson 5 had Grealish's shot save, but he scored four goals, with De Bruyne's shot likely to have been even better.

Trent Alexander Arnold 2 is often out of position because he likes to push high and the last ball stops chasing the ball as well.

Ibrahima Konate 6 goals in the air is considered good.

But on the ground there is still some slowness.

Virgil van Dijk 4 played clearly below his own standards.

Andrew Robertson 4 Can't stop a cross from the side

Always stabbed through

Fabinho 6 is considered to be doing well in midfield.

Even if it's not good enough to give the team a good result.

Harvey Elliott 5 tries to counterattack when given the chance.

But the overall picture is just narrowly passing the exam.

Jordan Henderson is the worst 3 in Liverpool's midfield today.

Let the midfield Man City play very easily.

Diogo Chota 5, if not counting the assist stroke for Salah to take a 1-0 lead, nothing can be done.

Mohamed Salah 6 shot for the swans to lead 1-0. The second half began to disappear.

before being substituted

Kodi Kakpo 4 had a blocked shot.

Other than that, it is considered a small participation.