The banyan tree beside the campus wall of Caotun Elementary School in Caotun Township, Nantou County suddenly collapsed at noon today.

(Photo by reporter Tong Zhenguo)

[Reporter Tong Zhenguo/Report from Nantou] Five is down!

A 20-year-old banyan tree next to the wall of Yuping Road, Caotun Township, Caotun Township, Nantou County, suddenly broke from the root and collapsed at noon today. The 20-meter-high tree fell across the road and blocked traffic. The owners of 2 Mercedes and 1 Mazda on the side of the road wanted to cry when they heard the news. The school officials speculated that the banyan tree was suspected to be infected with brown root disease. In addition, the earth and rocks became loose after the rain, and could not support it, so it broke and fell over, especially when there was a 1 The banyan tree is also crumbling, and the school will deal with it as soon as possible to avoid further accidents.

Caotun country planted a banyan tree next to the campus wall after the 921 earthquake disaster reconstruction. After more than 20 years, the tree is now more than 20 meters high. At about 12:15 noon, a banyan tree next to the Yuping Road wall suddenly collapsed , the tree fell on the road and completely blocked the traffic, and even crushed the three cars parked on the roadside. The scene was chaotic. The school immediately reported to the police to control the traffic and temporarily prohibited the passage of people and vehicles to avoid accidents. remove.

The roadside monitor also recorded the moment when the banyan tree fell. There were 1 car and 3 locomotives passing by one after another, and 1 person was walking on the sidewalk. Fortunately, all the cars passed by, and the banyan tree fell before people could get there. No casualties were caused, but the owner of the car was informed that his car was crushed by a big banyan tree. He rushed to the scene to cry without tears. Even on the first day of the holiday, his car was damaged. The banyan tree was also crumbling, and people worried that the collapse would happen again in the future.

The principal, Chen Wencan, said that the 20-year-old banyan tree may have been infected with brown root disease after being toppled over. In addition, due to the heavy rainfall today, the loose soil and rocks caused the tree to collapse. At present, the owners of 3 cars have been contacted. To make follow-up compensation, we will also observe and diagnose the trees on the campus, and confirm the health status of the trees as soon as possible.

The collapsed banyan tree at Caotun Elementary School blocked road traffic, and cars parked on the side of the road also suffered.

(Photo by reporter Tong Zhenguo)

The school and the police conducted road traffic control and contacted the manufacturer to remove the trees.

(Photo by reporter Tong Zhenguo)