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Martin Boev wrote farewell words to his brother Emil, whose body surfaced on Thursday evening in Pernik.

The young man had been wanted for 62 days - since January 27, when he disappeared while he was at the Surva festival in the mining town.

"I am writing with a rather heavy heart and a tired mind because I feel indebted to Emil and everyone who gave so much to find him. I didn't have the media strength, I still don't, I don't know if I will to be honest, so I'm just sharing here. Emil was found two days ago, at dusk, in a lake. By a confluence of circumstances unknown to me, my father and mother found out late in the evening. My father and I set out, and with a great plea to all the authorities involved, we wanted to see for ourselves whether it really is him—we were let in. We saw him, and made sure of it. From that moment on it's all a blur.

The body discovered near Pernik is that of Emil Boev, his family recognized him

I am a person who always tries to look at things from an angle in which I appreciate what I have, and I am not destroyed by what I don't have.

Although it is impossible at the moment, I will still end up with what I have had - namely such a dear brother for 25 whole years.

I didn't take advantage of it as much as I should have, and as much as I now wish I could, but despite everything we shared such precious moments, like him and dad visiting a very small bay in Greece by canoe, going on picnics together, I remember how I took it in his hands to jump together at a Metallica concert, he was super small and couldn't see what was going on on stage, with some donut in his hand that was all over me.

We shared a passion to repair and create with our hands, all three of us - each in his own way, all three of us shared creations, plans, skills, tools with each other.

All that remains for me now is to love him, and to pray that he is with me constantly, to pray and hope that he did not suffer at the time of his passing.

I don't ever want him anywhere to feel like he's alone in the dark because he won't be. Thank you for being my brother Emile, we'll be forever, we'll have to wait a little longer to see each other, but we will see each other again, I promise you, wrote Martin Boev. 

Emil Boev