National Dong Hwa University purchased a mobile speed detector. From April 1st, the guards stationed at different places and times will enforce the speeding ban. The fine is 1 yuan for exceeding 1 kilometer, and the ticket starts from 51 yuan.

(Provided by Donghua University)

[Reporter Hua Mengjing/Hualien Report] National Dong Hwa University has implemented "irregular mobile speed measurement and photography" on the inner and outer ring roads of the campus since February. The trial period ended yesterday, and today (April 1) the fines will be officially launched. Tickets start from 51 yuan, "1 yuan for speeding 1 kilometer", and teachers and students will be fined for speeding.

The school said that "fines are not the purpose", and students can give priority to love school services to offset the "violation processing fee".

The mobile speed measurement on the campus of Donghua University is banned, and the speed limit is 50 kilometers. It will be implemented today. From time to time, it will be used at the sewage treatment plant curve, the student dormitory curve, and the Zhixuemen to student dormitory curve on the outer ring road of the school. In this location, the school guards set up mobile speed cameras. Those who drive at a speed exceeding 50 kilometers per hour will be banned from taking pictures. If the speed is 63 kilometers per hour, you will receive a ticket of 63 yuan.

Today is the first day of implementation. Since the Ching Ming Festival holiday has begun, most of the students have gone home.

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The 3 locations where irregular speed tests are taken are "all places where students crashed and died by themselves on motorcycles."

Xu Huiming, the vice president of Donghua University, said that there is only one mobile camera, so the three locations are placed by the guards from time to time, and the guards will be there when the crackdown is carried out.

Xu Huiming said that he was the one who summoned the souls of the three young people who passed away, and the principal went to attend the funeral. Faced with the sadness and grief of parents and classmates, "I really don't want to face such pain again."

He emphasized that banning fines for speeding is not the purpose, the only thing is to hope that students ride more slowly so that no more tragedies will happen.

Xu Huiming explained that the speed limit on the campus of Donghua University is 30 kilometers. Starting today, the speed limit of 50 kilometers per hour will be fined. The reason is that the school has analyzed the causes of motorcycle accidents over the years and found that the common points are self-collisions by bicycles, turning roads, And the locomotives rushed out of the road. After analyzing the surveillance video images, it was suspected that the speed of the vehicles was a possible reason. The school originally planned to implement section speed measurement on the campus, but the student union strongly opposed it, so it was abandoned.

He said that in November last year, a student surnamed Hong crashed into his own life in a bend next to the student dormitory on campus. His father and mother endured the pain and took the initiative to join the school's transportation committee to discuss improvement plans. "They are really great." The school and student representatives discussed traffic improvement measures and details. In addition to the deceleration markings for the purpose of preventing accidents, dividers on curves, and no temporary stop signs, etc., parents also requested that speed monitors should be set up to implement the campus speed limit, and even imagined In the event of another accident, how to reduce the injury, so the gap between the 90-degree cement curb and the lawn on the roadside is filled with cement, and the trees next to the curve are also removed to prevent the vehicle from directly hitting the tree.

A college student surnamed Hong from Donghua ran off the curb at this bend and died when he hit a road tree. The school set up warning signs to remind students to slow down, set up dividers, filled in the gap between the curb and the lawn, and removed the road tree.

(Photographed by reporter Hua Mengjing)

In November last year, a student surnamed Hong from Donghua University crashed his bicycle on a curve in the outer ring of the campus, and lost his precious life. Afterwards, parents actively participated in the school’s traffic committee. The school said that speed measurement was only one of the preventive measures.

(provided by the police)