In the children's slide car competition, the little children looked serious about the competition, and the audience was so cute.

(Provided by Kaohsiung City Transportation Bureau)

[Reporter Xu Lijuan/Kaohsiung Report] On the eve of Children's Day, the Kaohsiung City Sports Development Bureau held the "Stubborn City Children's Scooter Tournament" today (1st) at the Extreme Sports Ground of the Youth Sports Park. Children aged 2 to 8 competed in different age groups , the little children put on hard hats, knee pads, and elbow pads and went all out to compete. They can be called little whirlwind racers, but there are also 2- and 3-year-old toddlers who compete with pacifiers in their mouths, which are so cute.

Hou Zunyao, director of the Transport and Development Bureau, said that the promotion of national sports should take root. This year, preschool children's sports activities have been launched successively, including children's football, children's tug of war, and children's physical fitness competitions, so that children can stay away from 3C and healthy sports.

On April 4th and 5th, a free scooter experience event will be held in Weiwuying. Parents can take their children to discharge during the holiday.

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In today's slide race, preschool children aged 2 to 3 are the most interesting. The young players all rushed to the finish line with all their strength, but some people flinched on the spot, were shy and wanted to find their mother, or lay on the ground unwilling to compete , among them, the little contestant who played with a pacifier in his mouth turned the audience all over the place.

Lin Bingcheng, who won the championship in the 5-year-old group, is a native of Kaohsiung. He usually practices in the extreme sports field, and his hard work finally pays off.

There are also parents who made a special trip from the north to the south to watch the Mayday concert, and registered for their children to participate in the competition; there were also bubble parties and clown magic show peripheral activities to have fun with the children.

The Transportation Development Bureau plans to hold a total of 5 self-balancing car tours in Meinong Sports Center, Nanzi Hongnan Community and other places. At the same time, it plans the Gangdu Cup Children's Football Championship for "Children's Sports", and cooperates with Decathlon and Children's Physical Fitness Committee for children Sports events, etc.

The children's slide car competition is also quite exciting and exciting.

(Provided by Kaohsiung City Transportation Bureau)

The little ones participated in the slide race and won awards, and the podium was quite lively.

(Provided by Kaohsiung City Transportation Bureau)