It's snowing in Laojie Creek!

The snow-white tassel flowers along the coast are in full bloom, and the water patrol officers are happy to take pictures and check in.

(Photo by reporter Li Rongping)

[Reporter Li Rongping/Taoyuan Report] It's snowing here in Taoyuan!

The time sequence has entered April, and the tassel flower known as "April Snow" has recently entered the flowering period. The petals of the tassel are torn and slender, just like ancient ladies' clothing, hence the name.

The North District Water Resources Bureau of the Water Resources Department (formerly the Shimen Reservoir Administration Bureau) is located on the lawn in front of the 11th office of Longtan, Taoyuan City, and along the Laojie River and other scenic spots. The entire row of fringe flowers is in full bloom. Today, it is raining. Falling petals, the snow-white flowing all over the ground adds poetic flavor to the grass, and the flowering period is estimated to be about 10 days away.

There are many resting spots along the Laojie River in Zhongli District, and there are many shades. It is the first choice for many people in Zhongli to take a walk. Hundreds of tassels located between Zhongyang Bridge, Xingnanyan Shuizhen and Xinming Bridge have recently bloomed and piled up into white snow. , the people passing by were very amazed, and they stopped to "appreciate the snow" and took pictures and punched cards; Lin Yiqin, secretary of the Laojie Stream Environment Patrol Team, who recognized the section from the North Bridge of the Laojie River to the Cuidi Bridge, said that the tassels along the coast this year are particularly open. Mei, when the shift team members go to work to patrol the coastal environment, they feel particularly beautiful and happy.

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Guo Yaocheng, deputy director of the Beishui Bureau, said that a whole row of tassels was planted on the large lawn of the Beishui Bureau. There are 15 beautiful trees in total. The tassels next to the gazebo are the most spectacular, but many petals were knocked down by the rain today. It is recommended that the public take advantage of the best flowering period; the huge lawn, in good weather, you can picnic and camp under the big trees, or fly kites, play magic balls, and throw frisbees , you can also stop by the live fish restaurant for dinner, which can be matched with a one-day or half-day tour itinerary.

Liao Yuyi, director of the Taoyuan City Government's Air Management Department, said that tassels are native tree species in Taoyuan. Every year from the end of March to the beginning of April, tassels are in full bloom. Except for the large lawn in front of the North Water Bureau and along the Laojie River, there are about 50 tassels in Hutoushan Park. There are small tassels and sporadic large tassels, and groups of tassels in full bloom can also be seen recently.

The tassels in front of the large lawn of the North District Water Resources Bureau are in full bloom, especially the tassels next to the gazebo are the most spectacular.

(Photo by reporter Li Rongping)

Tassels are in full bloom in front of the lawn of the North District Water Resources Bureau.

(Photo by reporter Li Rongping)