The Yancheng police rushed to the hospital for acute gastroenteritis among female fans who sang in Pier 2 Dagang.

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[Reporter Huang Liangjie/Kaohsiung Report] The opening of the Dagang Concert was held today in Pier-2, Kaohsiung. Many tourists flocked to Yancheng in the afternoon. A woman surnamed Chen (26 years old) felt a sudden abdominal pain and convulsion when visiting the venue. The Yancheng branch police who maintained order found it, and immediately stepped forward to assist and notify the ambulance to rush to the rescue. They were sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. They were suspected of acute gastroenteritis. After the symptoms were relieved, the female fan refuted the second and continued to sing for Dagang , the singer shouted.

Chen Jianwei, deputy director of the Wufu No. 4 Office of the Yancheng Police Sub-bureau, and police officer Liao Zhengming, at 14:10 this afternoon, when they were serving at the Dagang Kaisong mobile police station, Chen Nu held her stomach at the bottom of Dayi Street in Yancheng District, with an extremely painful expression on her face. She came forward to care, and she expressed abdominal pain and physical discomfort. The police immediately helped send her to the ambulance station to rest, and notified 119 ambulance personnel.

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Ms. Chen said that when she went to visit the singing venue in Dagang, she suddenly felt unbearable abdominal pain. After a preliminary examination by the on-site mobile nursing station, she felt that the pain had not disappeared. Finally, the police escorted her to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment. .

The Yancheng Police Sub-bureau stated that today and tomorrow the Pier-2 Art Zone will hold the Dagang Opening Concert. During the concert, the police will not only maintain law and order and smooth traffic, but will also provide timely assistance if they actively find people who need assistance and services. Provide help, and also call on the public to seek help from the nearest police unit or call the reporting hotline 110 if they have urgent difficulties and need help.