A pregnant

woman dumped her boyfriend over a name dispute for their unborn child.

However, even parting fights over the name continue.      

The Mirror writes about it.

The woman wanted a "trendy" name for her son, and the child's father prefers a more traditional one

According to the publication, even when she tried to meet with her ex and suggested combining the two names together, he said that none of the names she chose were traditional enough.

"He texted me and asked how we should choose a name and I said we should just send the names we like and we can choose two names," the pregnant woman said.

Among the names the woman suggested were Beau, Augustine and Wyatt.

However, her boyfriend insisted on something more "traditional", for example - James or Samuel. 

"So I offered to name him Samuel Beau or James Wyeth. But the former said he wanted a full traditional name, but none of the names I sent were traditional enough," the pregnant woman told one of the forums.

Net users advised the woman another option to resolve the dispute.

"Try this: You make a list, he makes a list. You pick a name from his list. He picks a name from your list. Then you flip a coin to decide on the name. No more debate," says advice

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