Due to heavy rains, 57 buildings were destroyed by a landslide in Alausa, Ecuador.

At least 23 people have died, but the search for the missing is still ongoing, so the number of victims of the natural disaster may rise.

This is reported by Reuters. 

Rescue teams are gaining access to homes that have been covered in large amounts of earth.

67 people are considered missing. 

38 local residents were injured as a result of the natural disaster.

In total, about 850 people were in the disaster zone.

Back in February of this year, the Ecuadorian Emergency Management Agency warned of the potential danger of a landslide in an area of ​​247 hectares in the city of Alaus. 

Heavy rains in Ecuador continue to destroy roads, bridges and infrastructure in mountainous areas.

The country's authorities have issued similar warnings in other provinces due to the risks of floods and landslides.

We will remind, earlier tropical storm "Freddy" took the lives of more than a hundred people in Mozambique and Malawi, located in the south of Africa.

According to the World Meteorological Organization, this storm is one of the strongest ever recorded in the southern hemisphere.

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