A man surnamed Zeng was arrested for drug trafficking without telling his mother.

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[Reporter Huang Liangjie/Kaohsiung Report] A 24-year-old man surnamed Zeng lived with his mother in Kaohsiung. Without telling his mother, he was suspected of using the residence as a drug trafficking base and using the nickname "Little Deer" to sell drugs online. Arrested people at the residence, seized nearly 700 bags of ketamine and drug coffee bags, and seized more than 770,000 yuan of suspected drug trafficking proceeds. Zeng's mother was very surprised to learn that her son was involved in drug trafficking. She couldn't believe it. Ask the police to check it out.

The Gaoshi police held a press conference today. They said that they received a tip a few days ago that someone in Qiaotou District was suspected of drug trafficking. After tracing the source, they identified Zeng Nan, a seller nicknamed "Little Deer" on the Internet, who ambush his residence in Qiaotou District and arrested him. More than 700 people were seized. It includes poisonous coffee pods and ketamines, and some of the drug coffee pods are packaged with the famous brand "LV" printed on them.

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It is understood that Zeng Nan (24 years old) was accused of using Internet communication software to contact drug dealers. If there is a drug foot summons to buy drugs, after making an appointment with the transaction location, he will drive the drugs to the designated place. Each package of drugs will sell for about 120 to 200 yuan. After a while, Zeng Nan was arrested and denied drug trafficking. The police identified him based on the drug foot and transferred him to the Qiaotou District Prosecutor's Office as a suspect in accordance with the Drug Hazard Prevention Act.

The police found more than 700 packets of drugs in the home of the man surnamed Zeng.

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