The number of people who died in the tornado in the United States has increased again.

APA informs that "Associated Press" has published information about this.

The natural phenomenon that hit seven states caused the death of 18 people.

Most of the deaths occurred in Arkansas, Indiana and Tennessee.

More than 30 thousand people were left without electricity.


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The number of dead in the tornado in the United States has increased.

APA reports that "ABC News" reported on this.

The natural event killed 11 people.

Five of the deaths were reported in Arkansas.

There are many wounded.

More than 50 people were hospitalized in Arkansas.


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As a result of several tornadoes that occurred in the state of Arkansas, 2 people died and 60 people were hospitalized.

APA reported this with reference to local media.

The city of Little Rock suffered the most damage from the hurricanes.

The city mayor announced on the social network that 60 people were hospitalized.

Five of the victims are in critical condition, according to the Arkansas Democrat Gazette.