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At least 11 people died in the port city of Karachi in southern Pakistan in a stampede during the distribution of free flour, DPA reported.

At least eight women and three children died, BTA explains.

10 children die after boat capsizes in Pakistan lake

"Dozens of people were injured in the commotion that broke out during a food drive by a private charity," said a representative of the emergency services.

There are fears that the death toll could rise, he added.

Local police said they had been notified of the food distribution, but no special security measures had been taken to ensure order.

The TV channel "Geo" reported that at least seven people were arrested in the case, against whom investigative actions will be initiated.

This is another incident in recent weeks at a free flour distribution point.

Since the authorities started such charitable actions on the occasion of Ramadan to help poor families who cannot cope with inflation, 15 people have died.

Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has announced that millions of Pakistanis will receive free flour for the holy month as a measure to ease their plight amid record price hikes.

Since former Prime Minister Imran Khan was ousted in a no-confidence vote last year, Pakistan has been plunged into a deepening political crisis.

The political instability has taken a toll on Pakistan's weak economy, which is on the brink of collapse.

Pakistan is trying to get $7 billion in financial aid that was agreed in 2019, but its delivery has been repeatedly suspended as Islamabad has been unable to meet the requirements for its release.