"Wall Street Journal" reporter Gershkovich was arrested by the Russian government on suspicion of espionage.

(Associated Press)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] The Ukraine-Russia conflict has further deteriorated US-Russia relations.

Now it is reported that a Wall Street Journal reporter has been arrested by Russian authorities on suspicion of espionage.

In this regard, the White House strongly condemned Russia's actions and denounced the authorities' accusation against the reporter as absurd.

White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre criticized the espionage charges against Wall Street Journal Moscow bureau correspondent Evan Gershkovich at a news briefing Friday. "Ridiculous", Russia's deliberate targeting of American citizens is unacceptable, condemning in the strongest terms the practice of imprisoning Gershkovich, and condemning the Russian government's continued targeting and suppression of journalists.

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The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) pointed out that Gershkovich was arrested in the Ural industrial city of Katherineburg, saying that he was suspected of collecting information on one of the companies in the Russian defense industry system and engaging in espionage activities beneficial to the US government. .

After the news came out, the "Wall Street Journal" completely denied the Russian allegations and demanded the immediate release of Gershkovich.

The White House and State Department have also been in direct contact with Russian authorities and are urging citizens living or traveling in Russia to leave the country immediately.