[Central News Agency] Wang Wenzong, chairman of Xuejia Tzu Chi Palace, who was suspected of harboring those involved in the Tainan Xuejia shooting case, was detained by the Southern Prosecutor's Office and was approved. Wang Wenzong successfully appealed. Yuan handed over insurance, restricted residence and leaving the country for 8 months.

The Tainan District Court re-opened the detention court, because it is difficult to determine whether Wang Wenzong and the accomplices in the Xuejia shooting case had any criminal liaison or behavior sharing, not to mention that the crime of hiding is the most serious crime. Wen Zong pays NT$700,000 on security, restricts his residence and leaves the country for 8 months.

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On March 24, the Tainan District Prosecutor's Office arrested Wang Wenzong, who was trying to leave the country. The next day, he applied to the Tainan District Court for the violation of the regulations on the control of guns, ammunition, and knives. The Tainan Branch of the court revoked the original ruling yesterday and sent it back to the Tainan District Court for a further ruling.

Wang Wenzong is a well-known person in Xuejia District, Tainan City. He once served as the chairman of the Xuejia Township Congress in Tainan County. He is currently the chairman of the Tzu Chi Palace of Xuejia Temple. The main window of the two parties; he is suspected of going to China twice to provide hotel rooms to hide Hong Zhengjun, the "red turtle", subsidize living expenses and provide mobile phones and door numbers for contact purposes.

In the early morning of November 10th last year in Xuejia District, Tainan City, there were two shooting cases in succession. The gunman Kong Xiangzhi was suspected of shooting 58 bullets at a technology company in Dingshanliao in Xuejia District at 1:08 a.m. that day, and then went to Zhongzheng Road. Xie Caiwang's daughter, a former city councilor, fired 30 shots at the iron gate of the campaign headquarters.

Hong Zhengjun and Kong Xiangzhi, the behind-the-scenes commanders, fled the country one after another after the incident, and five men surnamed Yang, accomplices surnamed Li, Guo, Cai, and Xie, who planned to direct the crime, were successively arrested and detained; Arrested in China, he was extradited back to Taiwan in February, Kong Xiangzhi was detained, and Hong Zhengjun was imprisoned for his execution.

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