Prosecutors and police investigated the Xuejia 88 shooting case and found out Wang Wenzong, chairman of Xuejia Ciji Palace and former chairman of Xuejia Township Congress, who was behind the scenes to help Hong Zhengjun, the "red turtle", hide in China.

(Taken from Xuejia Tzu Chi Temple Facebook page)

[Reporter Wang Jie/Tainan Report] In Tainan Xuejia 88 shooting case, on the 24th of last month, Wang Wenzong, chairman of Xuejia Tzu Chi Palace, who was suspected of assisting Hong Zhengjun in hiding, was arrested. After the prosecution approved the arrest, Wang Wenzong was considered He was the "man behind the mirror" behind the shooting. After he lodged a protest and was sent back by the high-level court, the Southern Court rescheduled him in the early hours of the morning today. , There is currently no evidence that he was involved in the shooting.

South Court: There is currently no evidence that Wang is related to the shooting

The prosecution cited relevant evidence that Wang Wenzong was suspected of guns and harboring suspects. He traveled to China twice and provided evidence such as mobile phones, which made the task force suspect that he might assist Hong Zhengjun in smuggling. During the investigation of the shooting case, Wang Wenzong was arrested by the police twice. The arraignment also revealed that Wang Wenzong was planning to leave the country on the 24th of last month, but was finally stopped by the police and his arrest was approved.

On the 25th of last month, Wang Wenzong refused to accept and filed a protest. The Tainan High Branch Court revoked the original ruling yesterday. The detention court began at 11 o'clock in the middle of the night on March 31, and until 1 o'clock in the morning, the news of the bail was released. Two reasons are given for the decision.

The South Court pointed out that the prosecution believed that Wang Wenzong was an accomplice to the shooting case, but based on the current evidence, it is difficult to prove that Wang Wenzong was related to the shooting case.

Therefore, it cannot be determined that Wang Wenzong is suspected of being jointly involved in the crime of intimidation and the crime of possessing guns and bullets.

Restricted residence and overseas travel for 8 months

However, according to Wang Wenzong and the witnesses, together with the evidence in the file, it can be determined that the defendant is involved in the crime of hiding people, and the suspicion is serious. It was not considered a felony, and the lawyer requested bail, so the South Court allowed Wang Wenzong to pay 700,000 yuan on bail, and at the same time restricted his residence and overseas travel for a period of 8 months.