The increase in electricity prices impacts the rental housing market. Landlords can avoid disputes by installing smart or independent electricity meters.

(Provided by the Legal Affairs Office of Nanshi City)

[Reporter Hong Ruiqin/Tainan Report] Electricity prices will increase starting tomorrow (April 1). Landlords who install smart or independent electricity meters can avoid disputes with tenants. Renters should also pay attention to the way they pay electricity bills. If there is a malicious increase , Have the courage to report complaints to government units.

The price of residential electricity below 700 kWh will not be adjusted every month, 701 to 1000 kWh will be fine-tuned by 3%, and above 1001 kWh will be adjusted by 10%. Summer month is 7.69 yuan per degree.

The Nanshi Legal Affairs Office pointed out that Taipower has stated that if multiple households share the same meter in a sublet apartment, as long as they apply for the installation of smart meters (installation and meter fees are free), and accept Taipower’s energy-saving counseling, even if the monthly electricity consumption exceeds 700 or 1000 kWh, the electricity price will not be raised this time.

Also, if we can install separate electric meters for each suite and bill separately, although there are application fees and we need to entrust the utility company to separate the wiring in the house, we can control the electricity consumption of each suite to below 700 or 1000 kWh per month, and in the long run It will save a considerable amount of electricity bills.

The Legislative Affairs Office stated that if the landlord charges the tenant electricity bills, if they do not comply with the "items that should be recorded and should not be recorded in the finalized residential lease contract" stipulated by the Ministry of the Interior, the amount per kilowatt-hour exceeds the maximum level of electricity consumption set by Taipower for the month, for example, in summer It is illegal to charge electricity charges higher than 7.69 yuan per kWh and higher than 6.03 yuan per kWh in non-summer months.

The lessee can compare the previous and later electricity bills. If there is any doubt, first clarify with the landlord. If there is still a dispute, the tenant can file a complaint with the consumer protection officer; According to the Consumer Protection Law, the lessor shall make corrections within a time limit. If the lessor fails to make corrections within the time limit, the lessor may be fined not less than 30,000 yuan but not more than 300,000 yuan.

The Legislative Affairs Office also reminds renters to pay attention to the way of agreeing on the payment of electricity charges before taking the lease, including how many yuan per kWh in summer months and how many yuan per kWh in non-summer months, and pay attention to whether it exceeds the maximum level of electricity consumption per kWh set by Taipower amount, and it is best not to share the meter with others, so as not to be able to determine the actual use of the meter in the future to avoid disputes.

In addition, the electric meter should be calibrated regularly after check-in to prevent overpayment of electricity bills due to incorrect electric meters.

The Legislative Affairs Office emphasizes that if renters encounter vicious landlords who overcharge electricity prices, please be brave to file complaints. Once it is verified that the violation of relevant leasing laws is true, they will be severely punished, so as to improve the rental market in Nanshi.

The electricity price has increased, and the landlord should pay the electricity fee to avoid disputes with the tenant.

(Provided by Tainan City Legal Affairs Office)