In this industrial safety accident where 3 people were killed, the rescue time was as long as 15 hours.

(Photo by reporter Liao Yaodong)

[Reporter Zhang Ruizhen/Taichung Report] An old house collapsed yesterday (31st) on a section of Taiwan Avenue in the Central District of Taichung City, killing 3 people in a major industrial safety incident. The person in charge of the construction company surnamed Gu and the driver surnamed You who drove the strange hand were suspected of negligent death after interrogation. They each paid 150,000 yuan and 50,000 yuan on bail. Among them, Gu Nan did not install safety measures on the construction site, resulting in 3 deadly accidents. He also did not insure labor insurance for the three people killed.

Including the Urban Development Bureau of the Taichung City Government and the Central Occupational Safety and Health Center of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. After the incident, they went to the scene to investigate and found that there were no safety measures on the construction site (such as common steel beam braces). Gu Nan was suspected of negligent death. As for The driver surnamed You, who was driving a strange hand, escaped from the scene when the old house collapsed and survived. However, he was suspected of improper excavation of the foundation, which caused the old house to collapse. He was also suspected of negligent death. People post bail.

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Gu Nan claimed that he was also a downstream contractor. At that time, strange hands were excavating the foundation with a depth of 1 to 1.5 meters. When three workers were fixing steel bars and nailing the formwork, the old house next door collapsed. He did not witness the process at the time. .

The rescue took about 15 hours. As for the cause of death of the three people, the inspection by the prosecution and the first aid at the hospital showed that the first rescued worker surnamed Cai was still breathing weakly when he arrived at the hospital. He died within half an hour. As for the workers surnamed Wu and Chen who were rescued late last night and early morning yesterday, they had no breathing and heartbeat when they arrived at the hospital.