In recent weeks, we have been using the time to convince citizens that the country should return to stability, not go bankrupt.

Would you agree to live in abject poverty?

The foreign debt is BGN 45 billion, fast loans are growing.

Almost 35,000 deposits have been closed.

Does this look like prosperity, the leader of the GERB-SDS party asked BTV

The Union of Democratic Forces (SDS) is a Bulgarian right-wing political party, the successor of Denitsa Sacheva in Dobrich

Denitsa Sacheva was born on November 2, 1973 in the city of Sofia.

From 2017 to December 2019 it is. 

"We have the experience, the knowledge, the wisdom, we learn from our mistakes. We are constantly among people. We do not divide them into smart, beautiful, urban and people from small settlements. We meet with everyone who wants to live in Bulgaria. With us there are no double standards and double morals. In the past NA we have shown that we are the only ones who can form a government. Only 6 votes were not enough. PP could not even get all the people in their parliamentary group to sign their declaration. We have different options for regular government." 

Sacheva (GERB-SDS): Politics is a serious job for serious people

Until Sunday, we will fight to gain as much confidence as possible to enter the negotiations as the winners.

We must have a regular government and stop the spiral of elections.

We will discuss the options after April 2, added the former social minister. 

Inflation is not included.

It is a product of the national policies and financial policy of PP and Asen Vasilev, said Denitsa Sacheva on the subject

Denitsa Sacheva was born on November 2, 1973 in the city of Sofia.

From 2017 to December 2019 it is.

"Bulgaria will be in a difficult position to pay all the political commitments made. This is changing even the labor market. More and more people are pressuring their employers not to work on labor contracts in order not to freeze their wages. When there is a clear program and government, then so is business will be able to make his predictions calmly. The political crisis must be resolved. There must be measures to support companies for compensation of electricity prices, protection of domestic production, agriculture should be a priority. Protectionist policy is carried out in many countries in the EU after Covid. To reduce supply lines so that there is faster access to domestic production. We should not have a panic tax policy because it will not help to reduce deficits and take on less debt. In the Energy sector "there is such a tax and we will not support it," she added. 

The increase in income to be made is from July 1 for pensions.

For the minimum wage, it must be determined according to the legislation that we have adopted.

As of September 1, it must be 50% of the average for the last 6 months of last year and the first of this year.

Incomes and pensions must grow, but this cannot happen as the MPs imagine - with one sentence, some MP raises salaries.

This should be done with economic growth and in compliance with the "contribution-benefit" rule, revealed the candidate for deputy of GERB-SDS

The Union of Democratic Forces (SDS) is a Bulgarian right-wing political party, the successor of.

When we talk about Asen Vasilev, there is not a single finance minister who praises his budget, initiative or measures.

Asen Vassilev's budget is bad and that is not determined by GERB

GERB is a center-right populist, conservative and pro-European political party in, and the professionals and people who take loans to survive.

If we had entered a budget procedure before elections, the external debt would have jumped even more.

He would have made it BGN 90 billion, because he likes to spend foreign money. 

The budget laws of the NHIF, NSI and the state should be considered.

The extended budget ends on March 31 and the situation will be dire if there is no new one.

Serious attention should be paid to the laws on the NPVU, because between BGN 7-8 billion cannot enter the Bulgarian economy.

As for DB, we have intersections in economic, social agendas and geopolitical orientation.

We still can't figure out why they prefer red over blue.

We are ready to talk to them.

We cannot support a PP government with people with such leftist populist ideas.

We are for judicial reform.

We will initiate talks on the overall reform.

We are preparing changes to the constitution, which we will present in the first days of the new National Assembly.

We will support bills related to such reform. 

Boyko Borisov is the best candidate for prime minister.

He has clearly shown that when necessary, he can step up to the sides.

The next prime minister should not be named Kiril Petkov or Asen Vassilev.

There should be a coalition on how to make life in Bulgaria better.

Any unprincipled coalitions will not be good for Bulgaria, concluded Sacheva.

Denitsa Sacheva